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    A For The People Institute
    Rental Space at the Institute Location

    "In mid 2010, the rehabilitation process began at 2512 Wylie Avenue, the new home of the Institute. Built in 1920 as an adjacent building to 2514 Wylie Avenue, the location of A For The People Insurance Agency, Inc., it seemed the perfect location for training individuals in the field of insurance and related services. The 3 floors of newly renovated space will house offices, classrooms and study areas. 


    Now, three years later, we are realizing the vision . . .

    the completion of the project."


    Contact us for a visit and the possibility of renting space in The Institute.

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    Orchestra on the Hill - Music for Social Change

    Contact: Roy Sonne 412-571-1827

    • An after-school music program
    • Modeled after the spectacularly successful El Sistema program in Venezuela that now serves
    400,000 kids. 60% from poverty
    • There are El Sistema type programs in 25 countries.
    • 65 programs in the United States

    Essential Elements
    • No cost (or minimal cost) to students
    • No entrance exam or audition
    • Intensive undefined 10 hours a week minimum
    • Starting young undefined first grade or even younger
    • All group instruction undefined ensembles are primary
    • Constant emphasis on community and teamwork

    “More than Music” undefined Kids get:
    • Life skills: perseverance, focus, self-discipline
    • Social Skills: Teamwork, responsibility, Mentorship, Leadership
    • A Haven: of safety, fun, joy, discovery, empowerment, community
    • Self esteem: through mastering a complex discipline and frequent public performances

    Pilot Program
    • Start Date: September 2013
    • Location: St. Benedict the Moor School building
    • When: Monday undefined Thursday, 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm undefined Attendance absolutely required.
    • Who: 15 students, grades 1-3,
    • Curriculum: Fundamentals of Music, Bucket Band, Chorus,

    Second Year
    · Expand to 30+ students, three teachers, Mon – Friday 3:00 – 5:00
    · Curriculum: Start string instrument instruction, continue chorus, bucket band, fundamentals
    of music
    · Beginning of mentoring

    Subsequent years
    • Expand to neighboring schools
    • Expand to 200+ students, pre-K - 6th
    • Expand to include all the instruments of the orchestra

    The Three Way Partnership:
    • Orchestra on the Hill (OOTH) undefined Design and implement the program. Raise funds
    • St Benedict the Moor Church and School undefined Provide the physical home
    • Lighthouse Arts undefined Provide 501C3 umbrella and organizational stature

    • Foundation grants, Corporate grants, Individual contributions, neighborhood businesses,
    In kind donations, Fundraising events, Angels

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